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System requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista o 7 / NETFramework 2.0

Microsoft Windows

Look very nice in all windows, mirror effects on the covers of films. Everything in this patch now known Library Catalog reached its first month of life.

With Library Catalog, you can enter your film in the catalog and download all the information which the director, actors, genre, length, year, cover image and plot automatically by the site of

The images are automatically saved in a default folder that the user can change at will from the setup menu.

There is the possibility to create or restore the backup of your database if you want to transfer it to another computer.

Within the program in addition to the catalog of films will also find the catalog of music that you can easily import from your all’ausilio through folders of information inside the mp3 file, double click on songs automatically start the player allowing you microsoft listening to the song selected.

There is also a principal in the calendar, a clock and a FEED READER of our news Oblo.

Updates will be posted on the site and automatically downloaded at program

The software was created, compiled and published with Visual Basic. NET Express Edition downloaded for free from Microsoft.

We decline Microsoft from any liability for any bugs (errors) in the program.

The maker of software Library Catalog assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by computer software.

Once downloaded decompress zip files in a folder and double-click on the setup file.

The installation will be fully automated, if you did not install some prerequisites, the program will do it independently but we will take a few minutes.

In the start menu item Patrick’s software will program the Library Catalog is enough start.

Thank you for using this program.

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